IJTI Babel School of Journalism, Improves the Quality of Journalists

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SS.com, Pangkalpinang — The Indonesian Television Journalistic Association (IJTI) Bangka Belitung Regional Board (Pengda) held a journalism school at the IJTI secretariat in Pangkalpinang, Saturday (18/11).

The School of Journalism is part of the IJTI work program, as a venue for sharing journalistic knowledge which includes the basics of writing news online, radio, to television news along with good and correct shooting techniques according to journalistic methods.

According to the Head of IJTI Pengda Babel, Joko Setyawanto, the journalism school was implemented as a follow-up to the instructions of the Press Council and central IJTI to encourage professionalism in journalism.

“Journalism professionalism is when journalists or prospective journalists are equipped with adequate journalistic technical skills, because it is impossible for them to become professional when they do not have technical skills,” said Joko.

The activity is attended by at least 20 participants consisting of university students from various universities in Pangkalpinang and its surroundings. Which starts from October 29 to December 3.

Meriyanti, one of the speakers for an easy and fast way to make online news, said that if news is not fast, it must be accurate. Which must meet the 5W1H methods as the basis for news writing.

“News is information, but not all information becomes news,” said Meri.

So that the young professional journalist are born. (Raiza)

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